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Travel Beach Bags

The sun is shining, the sky is clear and blue, the breeze is warm against your face and the ocean is cool on your skin. It’s summer and time to get out there and explore new and old seaside destinations that will rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. What you don’t want to worry about is how you’re going to carry all the things you’ll need once you get there. Our gorgeous travel beach bags come in all shapes and sizes so you can pick the one that suits your plans the most.

Measuring 45cm high with a rounded structured rectangular base measuring 40cm long, the Oversized Beach Bag is perfect for big plans. It fits multiple towels, books, a change of clothes, a small cooler, you name it! You’ll love its solid structure, spaciousness, soft fringed towel exterior and printed canvas interior. Our stylish Totes are a little smaller but still large enough to hold all of your essentials without weighing you down. Its extra-long handles make it easy to carry, even when things are overflowing over the top! Want to keep your hands free while searching for secluded beaches? Part beach bag, part backpack, our Beach Pack is what you’re looking for. This lightweight bag can be worn on one or both shoulders, as well as across the body like a messenger bag. Another one of our lightweight travel designs is the medium-sized, but roomy Back Pack. It’s a wonderful pick for a quick visit to the ocean, as well as coffee with friends on the island or in the city. The Tote, the Beach Pack and the Back Pack can be packed flat, which translates to more space in your suitcase.

Handmade and locally produced in Greece, all Sun of a Beach bags are made from 100% high-quality cotton so that they retain their color vibrancy and feel super soft against your skin. This means you’ll always experience comfort while glamping, camping, lying by the pool, sunbathing on the beach or picnicking in the park. They’re also extremely durable and our Totes are machine-washable, resulting in a greater lifespan.

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