Athens Tiles Black Oversized Beach Bag

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Athens Tiles is ideal for when you want to add a pop of color to your neutral summer looks. Just Black on the outside, Athens Tiles print on the inside. Ideal for people who don’t pack light, the Oversized Beach Bag is structured, dressed in 100% cotton towel and lined with 100% cotton poplin. It even has a special pocket inside for your more delicate valuables. Pair yours with a beach towel of the same print or play with fun mix and match combinations.

Product Specification

    - Ultra-spacious beach bag
    - Made from 100% Egyptian cotton towel and lined with 100% cotton canvas
    - Structured
    - Size: 45cm high with a rounded rectangular base measuring 40cm long
    - Features an interior pocket with zipper

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Made In Greece, Loved Worldwide. Your summer friend.