The Adventure Begins

At the heart of the Island Hopping Collection is the journey itself – the instant you set foot on the ferry, a sense of freedom begins to take hold. As the ferry glides across the sparkling Aegean, you watch the sun dance on the water, and feel the tension of city life melt away. These ferry rides have been the backdrop to our most cherished memories since childhood. As you approach your destination, the excitement builds, and everyone eagerly waits for the big door to open, ready to step onto the paradise they've been longing for.

A Tribute to Tinos, Sifnos, and Mykonos

The essence of Tinos, Sifnos, and Mykonos is woven into every piece of our collection. These islands have shaped who we are today, inspiring us with their unique blend of tranquility, sophistication, and vibrancy. Tinos and Sifnos, the favorite islands of our cofounders Ellie and Melina, are where they spend most of their holidays, drawing serenity and artistic inspiration from Tinos, and embracing charm and refinement from Sifnos. From Mykonos, we capture energy, excitement, and a sense of freedom. While we may not visit Mykonos as often lately, it remains a foundational part of our spirit.

Celebrate Your Journey

The Island Hopping Collection invites you to explore the world with open hearts and curious minds. We are not here to share more tips and must-visit places. When you visit, let the island guide you and discover its hidden treasures. You are on holiday – close your phone and just soak in the energy that will definitely guide you to the right places. Embrace the adventure, honor the journey, and immerse yourself in the vibrant Panigiria, where music fills the air and strangers become friends through dance, embodying a unique sense of connection and freedom.

Let our collection be your passport to a summer of endless possibilities.