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Beach Blanket

Bigger is better!

Big get-togethers are considered a national pastime here in Greece. That’s why we created the Beach Blanket. Measuring a generous 150cm x 200cm, it’s perfect for large families, couples who like to cuddle under the stars, lounging with friends, or for anyone who lives by the motto “sharing is caring”.

Beach Blanket

We consider beach blankets a must when planning an all-day trip to the beach with friends or family. Their XL size makes them really practical, especially with kids in tow. Our stylish designs are double-sided with a cotton canvas bottom and cotton poplin top, which means sand won’t stick to them. All you have to do is shake them off and you’re done. No more transporting sand into the car like a normal towel. They’re also conveniently quick-drying.

Oversized beach blankets are perfect for vacations with babies and kids as it can take the place of a play mat, which means your bags will be a little bit lighter; more fun, less stress. And because we’re all for hacks that make our lives easier, we recommend using our Beach Blankets for other things other than beach days: picnics in the park, camping in the woods, or even yoga and meditation sessions at home.

Handmade and locally produced in Greece from 100% Egyptian cotton, Sun of a Beach products are super soft and comfortable and are specifically created to withstand repeated use and exposure to the elements. That means, they won’t rip, fray, or fade over time. Dressed in our beautiful prints and patterns, they also look really good. And don’t forget, all purchased items will arrive at your door in our chic, reusable burlap bag that can also be used as a fashionable beach bag.