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Kids Hooded Beach Towels

Our cozy beach poncho for mini explorers.

No more stressing about family vacations with little ones on board. Our Kid’s Beach Poncho, our most popular kids’ hooded beach towel for boys and girls, is here to save the day… or an entire holiday. Keeping children dry, comfortable, and looking good has never been easier as you won’t have any difficulty getting them to wear their hooded poncho after a swim! These designs are made from durable, high-quality materials such as 100% Egyptian cotton, making them super fluffy and absorbent. They can also handle endless hours of play and washes, resisting the dreaded effects of the sun, salt, and sand. They also come in a convenient one size, which they will enjoy for years to come as they grow. And the best part is that kids will never get bored of their hooded beach towel, as they will fall in love with the fresh summery prints and cool hood, and can even match them with our Kids’ Swimwear and Kids’ Monochrome Towels for mini fashion-icon looks.

Kids Hooded Beach Towels

Family vacations can be quite stressful when kids are on board, especially at the beach with the possible extra discomfort caused by the heat, salt, and sand. However, kids’ hooded beach towels are here to save the day… or an entire holiday! Sun of a Beach’s Kid’s Ponchos are made from 100% Egyptian cotton, which means they’re exceptionally absorbent and soft, keeping children dry and comfortable even under the toughest of circumstances.

Dressed in our playful, colorful patterns for boys and girls, you won’t have any difficulty getting your kids to wear them after a swim. It’s like the gift of peace for parents everywhere. We have also added a hoodie, which will keep them warm in terms of temperature and cool in terms of style. These children's hooded beach towels are made from durable, high-quality materials so that they can handle endless hours of play, sun, and washes, year after year. And the best part is that your child will grow into their gorgeous timeless prints and not get bored with them, something that happens often with character-based designs.

All our Kid’s Ponchos come in one size (70cm wide x 55cm long) and are suitable for 3 to 12-year-olds. They will arrive at your door in our reusable burlap bag that is also perfect as a beach bag. We always recommend washing all Sun of a Beach items at 30 °C before their first use and to avoid hanging them in direct sunlight to maintain color vibrancy (they get enough sun at the beach).