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Hawaiian beach towels

Make yourself a Mai Tai and kick back on a beach towel inspired by the magical shores of Hawaii. From popular Waikiki to sublime Kauai, busy Honolulu to enchanting Molokai, tropical girls and aloha boys will find Hawaiian beach towels that perfectly match their vacation style.

Hawaiian beach towels

There’s nothing that says “I’m on holiday” more than Hawaiian print beach towels. Lush landscapes with an abundance of waterfalls, beaches, active volcanoes, some of the best surfing spots in the world, striking cliffs, and a plethora of beautiful, vibrant, tropical flowers, have us dreaming of our next bucket list destination.

Until that bucket list becomes a reality, bring some of that carefree holoholo vibe everywhere you go with designs transported from the Hawaiian Islands featuring palm trees swaying in the breeze, oversized banana leaves, exotic botanical gardens, fiery sunsets, and shimmery turquoise waters. If you’re tired of super bright colors and prints, but are still dreaming of sipping fruity cocktails in paradise, then check out our tropical designs in dark, pastel, or muted shades that are ideal for creating elegant beach looks.

Handmade and locally produced in Greece, all Sun of a Beach items are made from high-quality Egyptian cotton, which makes them super comfortable and absorbent. Created to last, they have multiple uses and will never go out of style. And the best part is that they also make great gifts for babies, kids, and friends, so don’t forget to also check out our Hawaiian style prints on our Feather beach towels, hooded kid ponchos, baby beach towels, and accessories.

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