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Blue Beach Towels

Looking at the blue ocean relieves stress and quiets the mind. That’s no coincidence. According to scientists, the color blue positively affects our body and soul. We took it one step further and created a large range of blue beach towels that will instantly put your brain on vacation mode.

Blue Beach Towels

In color psychology, blue is the color of the spirit, self-expression, and freedom. So, the next time you feel bogged down with too many responsibilities and you want to escape the “shackles” of everyday life, just grab your favorite blue beach towel from Sun of a Beach and relax by the sea or pool, in a park, or on a rooftop. Instant lift-off for the soul!

Don’t forget, every blue hue has a different effect, not only on our mood but also on our style. Do you have a soft spot for all things classic? Match a Monochrome navy blue towel with white for nautical themed holiday looks. You can even play with our accessories, such as our Oversized Beach Bag, Tote Beach Bag, Beach Pack, or Fringy Clutch. Looking for something arty or edgy? Choose one of our Signature, Head 2 Toe, or Feather Beach Towels with striking prints inspired by the Greek islands, Americana road trips, or the deep blue sea and its inhabitants. More of a Tropicana kind of person? We’ve got you covered! Make sure to check out our Baby Towels and Kid’s Ponchos as well. We’re your true-blue summer friend.

Handmade and locally produced in Greece, all of Sun of Beach towels are made from high-quality Egyptian cotton, so that they feel super comfortable, absorb water quickly, and retain their color vibrancy. They are also generous in size for the ultimate experience by the pool or sea. And don’t forget, purchased items will come to your door in our chic, reusable burlap bag that can also be used as a fashionable beach bag.

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