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Poncho Beach Towels

If you want something different that will function as a towel, as well as a cover-up, check out our line of beach hoodies and vests. Featuring this season’s hottest colors and our striking prints, these beach towel alternatives will keep you looking fresh on and off the beach.


Poncho Beach Towels

We love beach towel poncho-style cover-ups. That’s why we’ve created two versions. Our Beach Hoodie is the perfect summer staple. Wear it over a wet bikini to feel warm and relaxed after a long swim or to just look cool! Made from 100% Egyptian cotton, it features a printed cotton poplin trim, a hood, and two handy pockets on the front. Then there is our Lolita Vest. Super soft, fluffy, and airy, it will take the place of your usual beach dress or T-shirt. Just like our Beach hoodie, it’s made from 100% Egyptian cotton and has pockets on both sides.

Get creative and wear your poncho beach towels, like our Lolita Vest, with a pair of denim shorts and a tank top at the beach bar or use it as a cover-up for long walks along the seashore. You can even style it for a night out on the town over your one-piece bathing suit (instead of a bodysuit) and a pair of shorts or pants. You never know when you’ll be inspired to take a quick dip under the moonlight!

Our Beach Hoodie (75 cm long, 70 cm wide) and Lolita Vest (78 cm long, 38cm wide/shoulders) come in one size. Purchased items will arrive at your door in our reusable burlap bag that is also perfect as a beach bag. We always recommend washing all Sun of a Beach items at 30 °C before their first use and to avoid hanging them in direct sunlight to maintain color vibrancy (they get enough sun at the beach).