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Art beach towels

Summery by nature, unique by design. If only we could frame and hang some of these artistic beach towels in an art gallery. Oh wait, we have! Embrace your creative side by choosing one of our carefully curated art beach towels to accompany you on all your holiday adventures.

Art beach towels

There’s no denying that art can be found everywhere; from the most mundane details of daily life to the broad strokes of expression that beg for our attention and admiration. We like to think that our art beach towels lie somewhere in the middle. High-quality, practical and beautiful, they’ll add color and style to every beach look. And don’t be surprised when bystanders start staring at you while you’re lying in the sand!

Whether featuring pop symbols, digital graphics, expressionist themes, abstract patterns, or vintage illustrations, each beach towel demonstrates our eternal love for our favorite season: summer. You can find these arty designs displayed on our Signature line beach towels, our original and most premium range of towels. Double-sided for extra absorbency, they are made from high-quality Egyptian cotton with a framed pattern on one side and fluffy towel on the other. Let’s just call it functional art.

Style tip: Let your arty beach towels monopolize the attention by highlighting specific colors with our Monochrome towels and accessories, or mix and match them with other art beach towels. And don’t forget, you’ll enjoy sunbathing on them so much, you might forget to get up, so make sure you bring sunscreen with you because no one likes hanging out with a lobster (okay, we admit, we love lobsters)!

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