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Beach Towel with Fringe

Here at Sun of a Beach, we love striking prints, but there comes a time when chic and simple wins the day. That’s when our monochrome beach towels come out to play. Available in many bold colors for both men and women, these luxurious beach towels are long enough for you to lie on without having your feet touch the sticky sand and include cool design details, such as fringed edges that give it a boho vibe.

Even though these towels possess a timeless, unisex appeal, we like to keep it fresh with fringe details and versatile tones that are both luxurious and versatile, making them the ultimate summer accessory. Mix and match them with different colors and don’t forget to check out our fringed oversized beach bags as well our Fringy clutches.

Crafted with care in Greece from 100% pure Egyptian cotton, these beach towels are exceptionally absorbent, soft, and fluffy. Especially durable, all Sun of a Beach towels are designed to withstand sun exposure without fading and multiple washes in the washing machine. When purchased, they’ll arrive to you in our chic, reusable burlap beach bag, as well as in our beautifully packaged and elegantly presented gift boxes for friends and family.

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