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Orange Beach Towels

Searching for the perfect orange beach towel that’s sophisticated, yet uplifting? Then look no further. Our super fresh designs featuring our favorite vintage clementine shade are like Vitamin C for your holiday style. Perfect for when you want to add a pop of color to your summer basics.

Orange Beach Towels

It’s no secret that we’ve been having somewhat of an orange crush lately and it seems like we won’t be getting over it any time soon. Whether featured in a stunning total look or as a discrete design detail, this modern and fresh hue is guaranteed to brighten up any beachside look. Check it out in our Monochrome, Signature, Head 2 Toe, and Beach Blanket collections, as well as in our Oversized Beach Bag, Tote Bag, Beach Pack, and Bucket Bag selections.

We recommend mix and matching your orange beach towel with neutral shades such as olive, navy blue, black, and grey. This is the easiest way to create a chic result that won’t go unnoticed on the beach and beyond. For a stylish take on the color-blocking trend pair it with other bold shades like teal, yellow, and even pink. Our gift boxes feature cool combinations your friends and family will adore.

Handmade and locally produced in Greece, all Sun of a Beach towels are made from high-quality Egyptian cotton, which makes them super comfortable and absorbent. They are also generous in size for the ultimate experience by the pool or sea. And don’t forget, all purchased items will come to your door in our chic, reusable burlap bag that can also be used as a fashionable beach bag.

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