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Hooded beach towels

Introducing our multi-purpose hooded beach towels for adults, kids, and babies - the Sun of a Beach bestsellers season after season. Our customers absolutely love the sporty Beach Hoodie, the stylish Kids' Hooded Beach Poncho, and the adorable hooded Baby Towel because they function like towels and double as stylish cover-ups for grown-ups and children, as well as a playmat for babies and toddlers. That means beachgoers don't have to lug extra items, towels, or clothes around, saving them lots of space and energy. Soft, absorbent, and fast-drying, these hero pieces showcase our gorgeous colors and latest prints and will become classic summer staples. Don't forget to have some extra fun with junior mini-mes by pairing the hooded beach towels for kids, toddlers, and babies with daddy's or mommy's towel, bathing suit, hooded beach towel, or bag from our matching collections!

Hooded beach towels

Here at Sun of a Beach, we’re known for our beautiful and soft beach towels, however, if you’re looking for something different, yet just as practical, we’ve got you covered. Discover our sporty girl hero piece, the Beach Hoodie. Fluffy and absorbent, it works like a towel, but doubles as a stylish cover-up. Made from 100% Egyptian cotton, it has two handy pockets on the front and features a cotton poplin trim that displays our striking prints.

Our Beach Hoodie is a classic summer staple with many benefits, especially if you prefer surf sessions over sunbathing. Firstly, it has multiple uses, which means you won’t have to lug a large towel and extra clothes around, saving you lots of space. Leave your T-shirt at home! Secondly, they look super nice. So nice in fact, that you can wear it to the beach bar for cocktails after the sun sets. In other words, it will keep you dry and looking fresh on and off the beach.

All our hooded beach towels come in one size (75 cm long, 70 cm wide) and will arrive at your door in our reusable burlap bag that is also perfect as a beach bag. We always recommend washing all Sun of a Beach items at 30 °C before their first use and to avoid hanging them in direct sunlight to maintain color vibrancy (they get enough sun at the beach).

Best Hooded beach towels by reviews

Frequently Asked Questions about our Hooded beach towels:

What are the best hooded beach towels Sun of a Beach has to offer?

We can’t choose the best hooded beach towel because we love them all! However, according to our customer reviews, the top hooded beach towels feature prints that parents and their children can match together, such as our Beach HoodiesKids Hooded Beach Ponchos, and Baby Towels in prints from our latest Summer Collection.

What hooded beach towel patterns can I find at Sun of a Beach?

Sun of a Beach’s Summer Collection offers more than 40 different hooded beach towel designs with beautiful prints and colors for you to choose from. Discover Beach Hoodies for adults, Kids’ Hooded Beach Ponchos, as well as hooded Baby Towels dressed in gorgeous patterns and shades straight from beautiful Meditteranean destinations and faraway exotic locales, magical imagery inspired by the sky and space, and our very special WWF collection.

Are there any hooded beach towels specially designed for kids?

Yes, we have hooded beach towels for kids, babies, and toddlers. Dressed in our playful, colorful patterns for boys and girls, the Kids’ Beach Ponchos are made from premium quality materials, which means they’re absorbent and soft, keeping children dry and comfortable even under the toughest of circumstances. Our hooded Baby Towels feature cotton towel on one side and printed cotton poplin on the other, so you can flip them over and use them as a soft playmat; perfect for a little tummy time and games between or after swims. You can use them for bath-time at home as well! All items are incredibly durable and can handle endless hours of play, sun, and washes, year after year.

What is the difference between your hooded beach towels and your beach ponchos?

Our Beach Hoodie, a poncho-style design for adults, comes in one size (75 cm long, 70 cm wide). It features a hood, two front pockets, and a cotton poplin frame with Sun of a Beach prints. The Kids Beach Poncho has a similar style but comes in one size suitable for 3 to 12-year-olds (70cm wide x 55cm long), allowing kids to grow into them. Our double-sided hooded Baby Beach Towels do not have a poncho design. They resemble a typical square towel with cotton towel on one side and cotton poplin on the other. Its shape makes it easy to wrap and dry babies and toddlers and features a hood, which will protect their heads from the breeze and sun. The hooded beach towels for babies and toddlers come in one size suitable for 0 to 2-year-olds (75cm x 75cm).

What material are your luxury hooded beach towels made from?

All of our luxury hooded beach towels are made from 100% Egyptian cotton. This type of cotton is considered higher quality than average cotton because of its extra-long fibers and high absorbency. Egyptian cotton is handpicked, which means that less stress is placed on the fibers, leaving them straight and intact. As a result, these fibers make it possible to make very fine threads without sacrificing length, strength, flexibility, or softness, unlike regular cotton, which has more splices. Since machines aren't used to pick them, the fibers are more resistant and, with proper care, have a very long life span. They are also quite porous, allowing for air to pass through, avoiding stuffy smells and mold. Its superior luxuriant feel and quality make it the top pick for luxury hotels and spas.

Do you offer large sized hooded beach towels?

Unfortunately, not yet. Currently, all of our hooded beach towels come in one size per category: 75 cm long, 70 cm wide for adults, 70cm wide x 55cm long for kids, and 75cm x 75cm for the hooded baby towel. However, we are working towards creating a greater variety of sizes; we just want to do it right. Stay tuned!

Can I use a hooded beach towel as a dress?

Why not? Although we didn't create the Beach Hoodie as a dress, but rather as a sporty cover-up that will dry you off like a towel, go right ahead if it inspires you. Just don't forget to send us a pic on Instagram! We would love to see how you styled it. In the meantime, check out our new beach apparel designs, such as the Beach Robe and the Beach Bum Dress. They look gorgeous worn as a dress over your swimsuit, both on and off the beach.

Do you ship luxury hooded beach towels internationally?

Of course! We have shipped our hooded beach towels from the sandy shores of Australia and the palm-lined beaches of South Africa to the famous American west coast and the romantic Mediterranean Sea, all through our affiliate couriers DHL and UPS.