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Hooded beach towels

Here at Sun of a Beach, we’re known for our beautiful and soft beach towels, however, if you’re looking for something different, yet just as practical, we’ve got you covered. Discover our sporty girl hero piece, the Beach Hoodie. Fluffy and absorbent, it works like a towel, but doubles as a stylish cover-up. Made from 100% Egyptian cotton, it has two handy pockets on the front and features a cotton poplin trim that displays our striking prints.

Our Beach Hoodie is a classic summer staple with many benefits, especially if you prefer surf sessions over sunbathing. Firstly, it has multiple uses, which means you won’t have to lug a large towel and extra clothes around, saving you lots of space. Leave your T-shirt at home! Secondly, they look super nice. So nice in fact, that you can wear it to the beach bar for cocktails after the sun sets. In other words, it will keep you dry and looking fresh on and off the beach.

All our hooded beach towels come in one size (75 cm long, 70 cm wide) and will arrive at your door in our reusable burlap bag that is also perfect as a beach bag. We always recommend washing all Sun of a Beach items at 30 °C before their first use and to avoid hanging them in direct sunlight to maintain color vibrancy (they get enough sun at the beach).