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Aqua (Teal) Beach Towels

Nothing exudes vacation vibes more than the rich, summery shades of the ocean. Teal or aqua: just looking at them is enough to refresh our spirit and put us in a relaxing holiday mood. Plus, they look great next to this season’s bright bathing suits and accessories.

Aqua (Teal) Beach Towels

Aqua beach towels are a fun option that will transport you to an island paradise even before you book the ticket. For an extra color boost, pair them with other bold shades and tropical prints. Looking for something summery, yet sophisticated enough for a 5-star seaside resort? A teal beach towel is a perfect choice. This rich blue-green hue is eye-catching but eclectic enough to meet your chicness quota. Pair it with yellow and watermelon for a juicy holiday look. Play with our Monochrome Beach Tote Bag and Oversized Beach Bags in teal as well.

We love our colorful collection of beach towels, that’s why we decided from the very beginning that we would make all Sun of a Beach items only from high-quality cotton that doesn’t fray or fade in the sun or the wash. But, to extend their life span even longer, we recommend washing all Sun of a Beach items at 30 °C and to avoid hanging them in direct sunlight (they get enough sun at the beach). Trust us; you’ll want to do this because they’ll never go out of style!

Handmade and locally produced in Greece, all of our Signature, Head 2 Toe, Monochrome, and Feather beach towels, as well as Beach Hoodies, Baby Towels, and Kid’s Ponchos are made from 100% high-quality cotton, which makes them super comfortable and absorbent. And don’t forget, all purchased items will come to your door in our chic, reusable burlap bag that can also be used as a fashionable beach bag.

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