Super Yellow Sleep Mask

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Get ready for some snoozin' shenanigans with our playful sleep mask – the rockstar VIP for a night of pure fun! Imagine an outer layer of 100% cotton towel, bringing you the fluffiness of a cloud and the fun of a pillow fight. But here's the real party trick: the inner layer, a pure silk disco, guarantees dreams that are as groovy as your favorite dance moves and a morning glow that's wrinkle-free and ready to boogie. With a lineup of colors that's basically a mood playlist, it's the perfect sidekick for our bathrobes and washbags. Whether you're having a solo sleepover or inviting friends to join the cozy bash – because a touch of fun luxury in your sleep routine is the ultimate bedtime jam!

Product Specification

    -Size: 23x9 cm
    -Front side is made from 100% Egyptian cotton towel
    -Back side is made from 100% silk
    -Comes in a soft terry pouch
    -Machine wash 30 degrees

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