Sex on the Beach Signature Beach Towel

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This beach towel, along with 3 more designs, is part of our colaboration with Maria Joannou, an imaginative artist from Athens, whose works explore the depths of human emotions and the subtleties of everyday life.

Infuse your summers with allure using the "Sex on the Beach" beach towel, a captivating depiction of seduction by Maria Joannou. This design from our Sun of a Beach X Maria Joannou collection offers a provocative blend of boldness and playfulness, perfect for an intimate poolside rendezvous or a moonlit beach escape for two.


Check here the Sun of a Beach X Maria Joannou Campaign.

Product Specification

    -Sun of a Beach X Maria Joannou collection
    -Limited edition
    -Size: 100cm x 145cm
    -100% Egyptian cotton towel
    -100% cotton poplin fabric printed with Maria's designs
    -30 degree machine wash, do not handwash, using tumble dryer helps a lot

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