Popsicle Head 2 Toe Beach Towel

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Unwrap a burst of summer fun with our 'Popsicle' beach towel, where vibrant colors meet plush comfort, making every beach day as refreshing and delightful as your favorite icy treat! Our super long Head 2 Toe beach towels are inspired by endless beach days and moonlit summer nights. Made from exceptional quality Egyptian cotton and framed with a contrasting print in the softest cotton poplin, they’ll cover you from head to toe, which means no more burnt feet while sunbathing!

Product Specification

    - Extra-long beach towel
    - Size: 100cm x 180 cm
    - 100% Egyptian cotton towel
    - 100% cotton poplin fabric
    - 30 degree machine wash

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Made In Greece, Loved Worldwide. Your summer friend.