Mykonos Everyday Tote Bag

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Introducing our Mykonos Tote Bag – a perfect blend of practicality and style for your island adventures. This chic white tote bag features "Mykonos" beautifully embroidered in vibrant pink on one side, celebrating the iconic Greek island known for its stunning beaches. The other side proudly displays our "Island Hopping" logo with a charming heart and "Sun of a Beach" in coordinating pink and red embroidery.

Crafted from cotton, this tote bag is spacious enough to carry all your essentials, making it an ideal companion for beach days, shopping trips, or casual outings.

Product Specification

    - Size 46x38x11 cm
    - 100% cotton canvas outside
    - Soft cotton straps
    - Absorbent terry cotton inner lining
    - Machine wash 30 degrees
    - Handmade in Greece

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Made In Greece, Loved Worldwide. Your summer friend.