Rainbow Candy Kimono Bathrobe

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Upgrade your style game with our versatile Kimono Bathrobe – not just for home, but a bold statement wherever you go. Picture this: 100% cotton towel goodness that feels like a dream, whether you're drying off post-shower or embracing the day's adventures. It's not just a robe; it's your ticket to comfort and confidence. With trendy multi-colored designs that scream personality, and a matching belt for that extra touch, this robe isn't just confined to home vibes. Throw it on, step out, and turn heads. Yep, it's that good. Who said robes were just for indoors anyway?

Product Specification

    -Back to Fab: A chic 114 cm from back to hem – because length matters!
    -Belted Brilliance: Rock the included matching belt for instant style points.
    -Pocket Perfection: Two pockets to stash your secrets or just snacks on the go!
    -Towel Triumph: Crafted from 100% cotton towel – because luxury should be comfy.
    -One-Size Wonder: Embrace the ease with our one-size-fits-all magic.
    -Laundry Day Royalty: Pop it in the machine for a regal wash at 30 degrees – easy peasy!
    -Comes packaged in our our extra-special Sun of a Beach Gift Box

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Made In Greece, Loved Worldwide. Your summer friend.