Bloody Mary Little Waterproof Pouch

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Our multi-use Little Waterproof Pouch is the perfect summer accessory. Made in our signature soft terry fabric you’ll definitely fall in love with one of our 7 bright colors. Dressed in a terry fabric and lined in waterproof PVC material, you can use it to store your makeup or sunscreen or to safeguard your phone and keys from the sand and water at the beach. Framed in pretty printed cotton canvas, it looks beautiful and is just the right size. You can even hold it as a fashionable clutch while exploring an island by day or by night! Handmade in Greece.

Product Specification

    - Multi-use bag
    - Size: 26X17 cm
    - Made from 100% cotton terry and lined with PVC material

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Made In Greece, Loved Worldwide. Your summer friend.