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Wedding Gift Box

The perfect wedding gift.

Forget plate sets and toasters. Discover our large collection of gift boxes for unique and unconventional wedding presents that your family and friends will love. Consisting of two his-and-hers beach towels, they’ll make any couple dream of their upcoming honeymoon… or summer vacation!

For the hot couple who loves the beach. Comes packaged in our special Sun of a Beach box.

Wedding Gift Box

Our wedding gift boxes are a great way to express your love and appreciation for your favorite couple. They include two Sun of a Beach items from our towel or apparel collections (Signature, Monochrome, Head 2 Toe, Lolita Vest, Beach Hoodie) and are beautifully packaged and elegantly presented in our special box. But, you don’t have to wait for a wedding; they’re great for an anniversary or birthday as well!

Are you the one getting married and want to offer your friends a memorable present? More and more couples are getting creative with their gifts depending on the theme and style of the wedding. For your island nuptials, offer your best man and bridesmaid beach towels that will always remind them of that special day. They’ll be incredibly useful for that moonlit dip after the bridal party is over! You can also start a new tradition with “just married beach towels” for you and your significant other.

Extremely soft and absorbent, Sun of a Beach products are locally produced in Greece from 100% Egyptian cotton and are manufactured to withstand repeated use and exposure to the elements. They also look amazing, dressed in our beautiful prints and patterns. And don’t forget, all purchased items will arrive at your door in our chic, reusable burlap bag that can also be used as a fashionable beach bag.

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