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Oversized Luxury Beach Towels (Extra Large)

Some say, go big or go home. We say, go big and go on vacation! When it comes to beach towels, bigger is almost always better, especially when planning to be lounging seaside with a crowd… or maybe you simply need that extra leg room for next-level relaxation. Well, look no further because we have the perfect oversized beach towels for large families, couples who love to share, or hanging with friends. Double-sided with a cotton canvas bottom and a beautiful, printed cotton-poplin top, the Beach Blanket will be the star of your summer Instagram posts. It also works overtime for picnics in the park, lounging in the yard, or camping in style. Fit for a beach queen or king, our latest entry, the Double Feather Beach Towel, is a supersized version of our original Feather Towel, but just as light and absorbent. This towel can be used by the sea and beyond as well, and thanks to its flatweave design, it won’t transport sticky sand with it.

Best Oversized Luxury Beach Towels (Extra Large) by reviews

Frequently Asked Questions about our Oversized Luxury Beach Towels (Extra Large):

What are the best oversized beach towels Sun of a Beach offers?

According to customer reviews, our top oversized beach towel is the Beach Blanket. One of the defining characteristics that make it a stand-out bestseller is its canvas bottom, which won’t absorb water or stick to the sand, making it a practical and multi-functional item. And because no one wants a boring beach towel, they love the soft, cotton poplin top that showcases our fabulous prints in an extra-large way.

What are the dimensions of your oversized beach towels?

Our Beach Blankets and Double Feather Beach Towels measure a whopping 150cm x 200cm. But don’t worry; they’re not heavy and can double as playmats, so if you’re bringing kids along (with all of their toys), you won’t have to carry extra towels to fit everyone, which means a lighter beach bag.

Are your oversized beach towels thick?

Our extra-large beach towels are thick but not too thick, so they are comfortable and dry quickly. They strike the perfect balance. If you prefer a thick oversized beach towel that leans on the lighter side, we recommend our Double Feather Beach Towel, which is lightweight yet highly absorbent as it is made from flat-woven cotton.

Do you have oversized beach towels for two?

For two, three, four, five people, or even one person, depending on the amount of personal space you need to enjoy your time at the beach. As we have mentioned, both of our extra-large beach towels, the Beach Blanket and the Double Feather Beach Towel, measure a generous 150cm x 200cm, so two people or more can easily lounge with no problem.

Do you offer personalized luxury oversized beach towels?

Personalization is a nice touch, but we don’t offer this service for our luxury oversized beach towels just yet. We’re working on it, though, and will make it available once the manufacturing process is perfect. If you want to be the first to know when we do, subscribe to our email newsletter, where we announce the latest Sun of a Beach news.

Do you have oversized round beach towels?

No, we don’t. We believe that the rectangle shape of our beach towels is optimal as it provides the best coverage when lying on the beach. A round shape actually takes away space that could be utilized differently and the whole point of the extra-large items is to make the most of each centimeter (or inch).

Are your extra-large beach towels microfiber? 

No. We make all Sun of a Beach towels from 100% Egyptian cotton. Our ultimate goal is to offer the most premium and luxurious experience when lounging on the beach. We believe high-quality cotton is the only material that can guarantee that. Not only is it softer and gentler on the skin, but it also has the best absorbency of any other material. It also dries quickly and is durable.

Do you ship luxury oversized beach towels internationally?

Yes! We have shipped our products to all parts of the world and have made the delivery and returns process easy for everyone. If you have any questions but can’t find the answers on our website, then don’t hesitate to call us at +30 211 213 5788