Bubblegum Monochrome Beach Towel

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Introducing the 'it' color of the season in our Monochrome collection: a playful and fun bubblegum pink, setting the trend for stylish beach days. Our Monochrome beach towels blend elegance and simplicity, offering a classic charm. Made from top-quality cotton, they're delightfully fluffy, soft, and highly absorbent. Generously sized to keep your feet away from the sticky sand, these towels also feature stylish fringed edges and our distinct logo embossed at the bottom, making them your perfect beachside companion.

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Product Specification

    - Fringed, extra-long beach towel
    - Size: 100cm x 180 cm
    - 100% Egyptian cotton towel
    - 30 degree machine wash

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Made In Greece, Loved Worldwide. Your summer friend.