Rainbow Caramel The Cosmo Pouch

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Dive into vibrant vibes with our playful, multicolored washbag! Packed with style, it features a mix of hues, a chic 100% cotton towel exterior, and a waterproof lining for organized fun. Coordinate it with your bathrobe for a splash of whimsy. Perfect as a lively gift, merging playful colors with practical flair for those who enjoy a touch of joy in their daily routine. 🌈

Product Specification

    -Compact Magic: A sleek 24 x 14 x 11 size that's surprisingly spacious!
    -Cottony Bliss: Wrapped in a 100% cotton towel exterior for the coziest vibes.
    -Splash-Proof Charm: Rocking a PVC interior to keep leaks at bay – no mess, all fun!
    -Laundry Day Party: Easily join the washable fun at 30 degrees.

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Made In Greece, Loved Worldwide. Your summer friend.