Summer essence at your service

Founded in 2012, Sun of a Beach is a brand that embraces the heart of summer and the soul of the sea. It offers premium beach towels and beach accessories, featuring one-of-a-kind prints and high-quality materials.

Inspired by the Greek islands, the deep blue Mediterranean Sea, and the endless golden sandy beaches, designers Melina Pispa and Ellie Rountou advanced the traditional beach towel into an innovative and fresh, fashion accessory. Taking this to the next level, the two founders established the Sun of a Beach Hospitality Collection, offering hoteliers branded beach, pool, and in-room products that create long-lasting memories of sun-kissed days and carefree nights for their guests.

Handmade and locally produced in Greece, each Sun of a Beach item inevitably holds a piece of summer bliss, ready to escort you on your next adventure.

Featured Categories

In-room Boutique

Set yourself apart from the competition! Make visitors feel welcome and extra special by equipping their rooms with customized amenities that reflect the quality and expertise of the Sun of a Beach brand. Our super-soft cotton towels and pouches are great ways to impress your guests, as well as increase revenue by offering them for purchase.

Pool + Beach

Your guests will feel pampered lounging by the pool or on the beach with our incredibly fluffy and absorbent towels. Simple and chic monochrome or embroidered with your logo and unique statements, all Sun of a Beach products are made in Greece and designed to bring the essence of summer to every holiday experience.

Complimentary Gifts

Bid your guests “farewell” in the best possible way by offering them a Sun of a Beach goodbye gift embroidered with your logo at check-out. A fun, yet practical pouch or pochette filled with personal care products, a stylish beach bag, or a fluffy towel are only a few wonderful ideas that will keep your customers coming back for more.

Hotel Boutique

Since launching in 2012, Sun of a Beach has managed to become one of the most recognized Greek brands, with products being sold in over 150 stores across 22 countries. There’s no doubt that travelers looking for authentic, high quality, locally crafted products that are both practical and fashionable, will love our new collection of eye-catching beach towels and accessories.


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