This guest post is by Carolina Cosmetatos, a Sun of a Beach friend and beach lover!
"Simos beach, Elafonisos"
The weekend just went by thus letting us know that summer is but shortly on its way. And as the imaginary whiff of the sea breeze began to tingle my nose, I decided to take my summer accessories out of  storage and check them out – among them my paradise velvety beach towel.
I shook it loose from its folded position and lay it on the floor in front of me… and there it was… the neatly tucked away  memory came out from its hidden corner in my mind’s attic. This sweet haven of a beach, most should know it, called “Simos” in Elafonissos, a little island just a breath apart from a Peloponnese toe.
From the moment I set foot on this magical beach, its beauty and serenity have become a dreamy image of paradise in my mind. The colour of the waters mirroring off the light gold sand is simply mesmerizing! It honestly is!
The clarity of this liquid Eden and it’s playful silvery rainbow rectangles eternally pulsating as candle flames on the soft stardust we call sand; the ever so gentle sliding back and forth of the watery  volume… well they carry you far away like sirens, closer to Adam & Eve!
Caroline was inspired by our "Paradise" beach towel, from our 2013 collection.