It’s time for us to introduce you to our second collection of 2016 and the roots of our inspiration. It’s time to take you on a journey to the tropical…

Our muse for this collection: everything that defines the word tropical, and stimulates all 5 senses in the most fascinating way. The scent of freshly cut pineapples, the refreshing sip of coconut water straight from the source, the colourful scales of a rainbow fish, the warm breeze while taking a siesta under the palm trees, and the scorching dry sun of Mexico. And what’s more, they all put their stamp this year in our minds, our hearts, and our products. From the rough exterior of the Saguaro cactus, to the delicate petals of the pua aloalo, the tall palm trees of Brazil and the soft skin of the Madagascar boa, the Tropicana collection captures all things tropical. So whether your definition of tropical includes snorkelling in the Maldives, partying in Rio, or surfing in Hawaii, we have your
beach look covered.

Where are you going next?