We’ve grown, embraced the world, and spread our wings - and our towels! – enjoying the sun and sea in different settings. And even though it is literally the same sun and sea we’re enjoying, it is actually the surroundings that make each beach adventure different.

The flora and fauna, the scents and colours, even the buildings and people, stimulate our senses and make each beach unique. It is this exact uniqueness that inspires us. And it is this exact uniqueness that we want to introduce you too!

Lets meet the Mediterraneo.

Inspired by the Mediterranean, which is so close to our hearts, this collection is full of what defines this part of the world, and awakens familiar senses: the bitter sweet taste of lemons, the delicate burning of soft golden, the salt lines on the skin after a full day in the sea.

From the colourful Portofino to the strict white and blue of the Cyclades, the party scene in Ibiza to the style savvy beach lovers of St Tropez and Capri, or the monotonous stripes of a chaise longue to the beautiful Zellige patterns of Morocco, the Mediterraneo collection celebrates everything that makes the Mediterranean so beautiful and diverse.

Each coastal gem has something unique to offer… which is your favourite?