Soft, Stylish, and Summer-Resistant!
Designed and made in Greece, Sun of a Beach towels will age as beautifully as the sun-drenched islands of the Aegean. All our towels are made of pure Egyptian cotton with a thread count of 450, which is lightweight, quick-drying, amazingly absorbent, and super soft against your skin. Both the towelling and poplin cotton trimmings are specially treated to resist lashings of sun, salt, chlorine, and sand. Our bold prints won’t lose their vibrancy, no matter how many times you throw them in the pool or dunk them in the sea. Every towel comes in its own burlap beach bag.

The Beach Blog

Day Dreaming

July 14, 2014

 This story is written by Cat, co-owner of Marnei Mare, and friend of Sun of a Beach who is forever in love with Samos!


“I had a strange dream last night” I told my barista. “I was a sea urchin. I was approached by a dark handsome urchin who asked me to dance.” “ Sea Urchins can’t dance!” he exclaimed while pouring froth into my coffee.  “… It seems that you need a holiday young lady.” He told me. He was right. I really needed some sun and my favorite beach.

This Sun of a Beach towel takes me back to Elafonisos...

June 13, 2014

This guest post is by Carolina Cosmetatos, a Sun of a Beach friend and beach lover!
"Simos beach, Elafonisos"


The weekend just went by thus letting us know that summer is but shortly on its way. And as the imaginary whiff of the sea breeze began to tingle my nose, I decided to take my summer accessories out of  storage and check them out – among them my paradise velvety beach towel
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